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Workshop 27

Saturday, May 16th 2019

Cor Ruys Hall

14:00 – 15:30


The Solution Focused Whisperer to clients managing Trauma 


Jacqui von Cziffra-Bergs


South Afica


The Solution Focused Institute of South Africa


Solution Focused Therapy is by default hope-filled therapy and therapist become hope whisperers to clients that have experienced trauma. In order to become a skilled hope whisperer one needs to learn the art of Soulution Focused listening. Listening selectively to what the client’s best hopes are and what is important to the client despite the trauma; listening for signs of strengths and resilience regardless of what happened; guiding a client to new possibilities in spite of being overwhelmed and amplifying and whispering the notion of hope no matter how terrible the event was. Traditional trauma debriefing often emphasizes what happened during a traumatic event and debrief the debilitating feelings that occurred during or after the event. However, a Soultuion Focused whisperer focuses on the clients hope and rebriefs a client’s strengths which allows the notion of pride to enter the session and the best version of the client to emerge. Come take a tour with me through the process of Soulution Focused listening as I walk you through a Solution Focused process of becoming a resilientologist and whisper hope and possibility to clients managing trauma.

Learning objectives

1. Understand the essentials of hope when a client has experienced trauma

2. Become a resilientologist instead of victimologist

About presenter

Dr. Jacqui von Cziffra-Bergs is an Educational Psychologist from Johannesburg, South Africa and teaches Solution Focused Therapy to psychologists, social workers, counsellors and teachers. Jacqui started the Solution Focused Institute of South Africa which is an organisation that aims to teach and promote world class training in Solution Focused Therapy. Dr Jacqui von Cziffra-Bergs was an associate professor at the University of Johannesburg and still teaches at universities across the country on a consultancy basis. She has lectured extensively on Solution Focused Therapy throughout South Africa and in the United States. Dr Jacqui has just completed a book for Oxford University Press USA with 3 American authors titled; Solution Focused Brief Therapy and clients managing trauma. Dr Jacqui is married and has two young sons that keep her feet firmly on the ground.

Ways of presenting

(x ) Presentation program with projection (PowerPoint, Prezi)

(x ) Showing video excerpts

(x ) Exercise, actively involving the participants

( x) Questions and answers


X Therapy/counselling/coaching/social work/mental health