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Workshop 11

Friday, May 15th 2019

Jacob Pronk Hall

14:00 – 15:30


‘Solution-Focused Practice in Schools: Applications, Challenges, and Possibilities’


John Murphy




PhD – Licensed Psychologist – Professor of Psychology, University of Central Arkansas


Solution-focused principles and practices are being applied in many exciting ways in schools around the world. Counselling and consulting with students, parents, teachers, and families; classroom teaching; reducing and preventing bullying; organisational change; and team-building are just a few examples of solution-focused applications in schools.  This lively, interactive workshop: (a) describes how solution-focused ideas and methods are being used in schools throughout the world by and for pupils/students, educators, parents, school administrators, counsellors, coaches, psychologists, social workers, and others involved with  preschool through secondary schools; and (b) encourages participants to share their hopes, experiences, success stories, challenges, unique applications, and possible next steps related to solution-focused practices in schools. The following questions, along with others offered by participants, will be used to generate useful conversations, considerations, and possibilities about solution-focused practice in schools: Who is the ‘client’ in school services? What are some common challenges encountered by solution-focused practitioners who work in schools, and how can we respond to these challenges in productive, solution-focused ways? This session encourages lively discussion of these and other topics related to current and future solution-focused applications, challenges, and possibilities in schools.

Learning objectives

1) Participants will learn about several applications of solution-focused practice in schools in addition to therapy/counselling applications.

2) Participants will learn about common challenges of solution-focused practice in schools along with methods of responding to challenges in productive ways.

About presenter

John Murphy, Licensed Psychologist and Professor at the University of Central Arkansas (USA), is a former high school teacher and internationally recognized practitioner, author, and trainer of client-directed, solution-focused practice. He was formerly named by NASP as one of the top five school psychologists in the US, and continues to consult with agencies throughout the world. His books have been translated into many languages, including the popular Solution-Focused Counseling in Schools. He spends most of his professional time implementing and promoting client-directed, solution-focused services for marginalized persons of all ages and circumstances.

Ways of presenting

(X) Presentation program with projection (PowerPoint, Prezi)

(X) Live demonstration (maybe, time permitting)

(X) Showing video excerpts

(X) Exercise, actively involving the participants

(X) Questions and answers


(X) Therapy/counselling/coaching/social work/mental health

(X) Groups/teamwork

(X) Education/school

(X) Psychiatry

(X) Training/teaching the solution-focused approach