Workshop 26 Sami Timimi 2019-10-13T11:06:49+00:00

Workshop 26

Saturday, May 16th 2019

Jacob Pronk Hall

14:00 – 15:30


Relational Awareness Programme: A skills based approach to helping parents of ‘intense’ children


Sami Timimi




Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust


Instead of using psychiatric labels to categorise behaviourally challenging children, I use the label of ‘intense’ – that is children who provoke emotionally intense reactions in adults who care for them. In this workshop I will outline an approach called ‘The Relational Awareness Programme’ (RAP). RAP is a relationship-focused methodology for helping parents build their strengths, skills, and recognise their resilience, to enable them to channel their children’s emotional intensity in less stress inducing ways. The RAP approach was inspired by the work of American psychotherapist Howard Glasser who developed the ‘Nurtured Heart Approach’ (NHA), which is a non-diagnostic, skills based approach. RAP is an extension of the NHA approach, incorporating ideas from systemic and solution focused models. The approach involves prioritising building relationships over controlling behaviour.

Learning objectives

1.       Participants will learn concepts that can be used to re-frame parent/child difficulties, including difficulties that have been given a diagnosis.

2.       Participants will learn analogies and scripts that can be used in group or single family settings.

3.       Participants will learn the importance of not prescribing specific strategies, but instead allowing families to discover ones that work for them.

About presenter

Sami Timimi is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist who lives in Lincoln in the UK. He is also an author who writes from a critical psychiatry perspective on topics relating to mental health and childhood and has published over a hundred and thirty articles and tens of chapters on many subjects including childhood, psychotherapy, behavioural disorders and cross-cultural psychiatry. He has authored 4 books including ‘Naughty Boys: Anti-Social Behaviour, ADHD and the Role of Culture’, co-edited 4 books including, with Carl Cohen, ‘Libratory Psychiatry: Philosophy, Politics and Mental Health’, and co-authored 2 others including, with Neil Gardiner and Brian McCabe, ‘The Myth of Autism: Medicalising Men’s and Boys’ Social and Emotional Competence’.

Ways of presenting

X Presentation program with projection (PowerPoint, Prezi)

X Exercise, actively involving the participants


X Therapy/counselling/coaching/social work/mental health

X Groups/teamwork